One of the options which teachers can benefit from is the use of technologies in the classroom. It is largely known that everybody likes playing games and it is not a new idea to educate using games in the classroom. There are several tools which teachers can use in their everyday practice to engage students’

Tips for teaching SEN children

In general, the implementation of inclusive education in mainstream schools in EU countries has been regarded as a great challenge to all parties involved in the process. At a European level, the EU has set a goal of reducing the rate of early school leavers to 10% in all member states by 2020 (European Commission,
In our days the concept of inclusive classroom is getting more and more recognisable and lays in the state educational policies of many EU countries. The mainstream school educators also acknowledge the need to teach in an inclusive classroom. According to the widely spread definitions the inclusive classroom is a general education classroom in which
Working with special education needs (SEN) children is a big challenge for every teacher and this is why it requires specific attitudes. Here are some practical cues: Equality The first and most important attitude is that SEN children are equal to the other children in the class. They might be nerve-shattering, noisy, disobedient, eccentric, invisible,