The Play2Do game has been developed in Unity, an integrated multi-platform authoring tool for creating 3D games.

To play with Play2Do you should download the game to your computer. You can use either a desktop or a laptop computer. Your computer should be equipped with integrated or external speakers. No microphone is necessary because the user's responses are pre-set and will appear written on the screen.

Click one of the links below to download the game version (for Windows or Mac).

Download the Play2Do game for Windows (32-bit)

Download the Play2Do game for Windows (64-bit)

Download the Play2Do game for Mac

When the download is complete, open the application.

Just select your preferred language and click "Continue", then select "Login as guest" in the next screen.

You can choose to go straight to the game scenarios or to view the information on the game characters first.

There are six scenarios in the Play2Do game:

1. Petya loses control after Maths class

2. Michael hits a child with dyslexia in the class

3. The shy new classmate

4. Impulses of a teenager with autism affect classroom dynamics

5. Different students' needs in a special school classroom setting

6. Epileptic episode during ICT class

Want to learn more? Take the Play2Do online course!