A true story

This touching video tells the real story of a special education teacher with a big heart. It shows the approach of a professional who was once a special education needs child. WATCH: Chen Miller is an extraordinary teacher in Israel. Hear her show how words can shift a child's self image. Share her story and

Tips for teaching SEN children

In general, the implementation of inclusive education in mainstream schools in EU countries has been regarded as a great challenge to all parties involved in the process. At a European level, the EU has set a goal of reducing the rate of early school leavers to 10% in all member states by 2020 (European Commission,
Working with special education needs (SEN) children is a big challenge for every teacher and this is why it requires specific attitudes. Here are some practical cues: Equality The first and most important attitude is that SEN children are equal to the other children in the class. They might be nerve-shattering, noisy, disobedient, eccentric, invisible,
What are serious games and why are they useful in practice learning? Put in simple words, any digital game which is not merely used for fun is a serious games. Very often, such games are used in education, training, advertising, etc. Computer games are catchy, involving and with the ease offered by modern digital devices