“ISG for Competence” project is dedicated to conceptualizing and development of social competence related to personal and social development through creation of mobile 3D serious games. A set of 3D interactive simulations and mobile games regarding social competence and cognitive skills are created and are available in 6 languages (ENG, TR, BG, HU, SL, NL)
The “The h-Angry Donkey” game has been designed and developed in the framework of the Code RED project (http://www.codered-project.eu), through a dedicated co-design workshops’ series, organised in Limassol (Cyprus) by EuroCy Innovations (http://www.eurocyinnovations.com) in 2015. The objective of the games’ co-design workshops was to engage young people in an interactive (group) process of designing and
Early School Leaving (ESL), as well as dropping out from Vocational Education and Training (VET), comprise major challenges of education systems. Youth from disadvantaged groups, including foreign-born youth are on average 1.5 times more likely to abandon education. At EU-level, the Europe 2020 strategy defines as key target to reduce ESL rates below 10% by
What are serious games and why are they useful in practice learning? Put in simple words, any digital game which is not merely used for fun is a serious games. Very often, such games are used in education, training, advertising, etc. Computer games are catchy, involving and with the ease offered by modern digital devices