Teaching SEN students can be fun!

Teaching SEN students can be fun. It can also be so meaningful – you just need to know a few “little tricks of the trade” and select the ones which are suitable for your classroom. Here is a a short interview of Vicky Davis shared by her on www.coolcatteacher.com: http://www.coolcatteacher.com/e170/?utm_content=bufferef1aa&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer

A true story

This touching video tells the real story of a special education teacher with a big heart. It shows the approach of a professional who was once a special education needs child. WATCH: Chen Miller is an extraordinary teacher in Israel. Hear her show how words can shift a child's self image. Share her story and
Children with special needs (SEN) face many challenges in the classroom. Teachers try to help them learn and develop their potential in and outside the classrooms. Another aspect of SEN students’ school life remains still neglected. Namely, SEN students being socially isolated from the non-SEN students. Thus, outside school and during the breaks, SEN students
One of the options which teachers can benefit from is the use of technologies in the classroom. It is largely known that everybody likes playing games and it is not a new idea to educate using games in the classroom. There are several tools which teachers can use in their everyday practice to engage students’

Tips for teaching SEN children

In general, the implementation of inclusive education in mainstream schools in EU countries has been regarded as a great challenge to all parties involved in the process. At a European level, the EU has set a goal of reducing the rate of early school leavers to 10% in all member states by 2020 (European Commission,
Working with special education needs (SEN) children is a big challenge for every teacher and this is why it requires specific attitudes. Here are some practical cues: Equality The first and most important attitude is that SEN children are equal to the other children in the class. They might be nerve-shattering, noisy, disobedient, eccentric, invisible,
What are serious games and why are they useful in practice learning? Put in simple words, any digital game which is not merely used for fun is a serious games. Very often, such games are used in education, training, advertising, etc. Computer games are catchy, involving and with the ease offered by modern digital devices